Monday, April 21, 2008

Covered Composition Books

These are the mini ones

These are the full size composition books

OK, I made 6 of these for my 6/25 stamp club as thank you gifts for the end of the club. I had so much fun doing them and when school starts this September, I will be on the hunt for the best buy I can get. This came from Stampin Academy There is 2 vidoes, one for the big books and one for the small ones. Angie has some great tutorials, I follow her blog on a daily basis.


Pieces of me said...

Ohh these do look fun. Your stamping club girls are soooooo lucky!
Excellent work as always:)

Sharon Coad said...

Hi Susan,

Love your blog and your projects. I plan on visiting every one of the links that shows the videos of the projects. It's a great resource.

Thanks for popping over to my blog and giving me well wishes. I'm sad about the store closing but am looking forward to getting back to scrapbooking myself. I can't wait to jump into making some projects myself and posting them on my blog. See you around and keep in touch!