Monday, September 17, 2007

2nd Project done with board book

This one, I got the idea w hen I was in the local scrap store. They had some 6x6 calendar grid paper from Flair Designs, this paper was 12 x 12, so I had to take it and cut it into squares to use them. I then took my stamps and stamped the month and the days on them. I then took a board book, covered the pages, and created this calendar that will hand. You will see 2 months at a time, which I think is a wonderful idea.

As you can tell, this is not embellished either, I seem to get them made, then takes awhile to get them all embellished. I usually have to wait and decide who they are going to so I can decorate things to fit the individual.

Again, thanx for looking.

Creating Weekend with friends

Well, I just had company for 3 days and all we did was play, weather it be scrapping or creating. I got the bug to create a day planner for 2008 using my bind it all. Since I usually try to find things I can make for gifts, just to let someone know they are in my thoughts, the brain went into over drive. I created this day planner completely from scratch, no patterns what so ever. The pattern is still in my head, so one day I will have to actually make up a pattern while I make one so I can have pictures to go along with it.

I made the back of the book close over the front and I used magnets to hold it closed. I still have to decorate/personalize the front of this one, but wanted to share what I had done so far.

Thanx for looking at my creations.