Tuesday, July 31, 2007

Christams Cards

Well, it is never to late to start making Christmas cards. Above are some of the ones I have done. I belong to a yahoo group that one of the gals every Monday night does a virtual class via web cam. She posts sketches she designs and then we use what we have to make the cards. I have come to look forward to this night of creativity.

Sunday, July 29, 2007

5 Page "Coaster" Book

Well, yesterday after the class I had here for making a board book, I played with some 4" coasters. This is what I came up with, it is a 5 "coaster" page book that I made to send to my mom of my g'daughters graduation from kindergarden. This was quite fun. One of the things I realized is I took some of the pics and cut them to be 4x4 so they cover all the coaster, saving on paper. You can then use rubons on the photos to make notes of names etc. Great time saving tip. I have used rubons b/4 on photos, putting a name on a hat that someone is wearing to personalize it. Anyway, this could be a cute quick project for a fast make n take.

Thursday, July 26, 2007

Purse books

Well, I was sitting here and I had just got my club stamp kit from Fed Ex, this month there was a kit to make a purse Album, I didn't want to use the stuff from the kit, I think the papers would be better in cards, instead I used the pieces as a template and cut my own. I used the new bazzill bling paper top cover the chipboard with. Anyway, these are the two books I made, I used my bind it all AGAIN, the ladies are teasing me that all I do now had to consist of using the bind it all :)). These two book are for my two g'daughters who are with us during the week and with mom and dad on the weekends. You should have seen their eyes light up as I showed them to them after getting their names and other decorations on them. I know the ribbon on ALexia's looks blue, but really, it is purple. Thanx for looking.

Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Another mini book

Here is a book that is in progress, I got the cover done, but not the inside yet. My goal with this one is to make a book that can track your kids through school, a place to put a pic each year, teacher name and class info. Even a place where they can sign their name so you can see the changes through out the years. I cut this with my cricut expression out of chipboard and covered it, again, my favorite tool of the bind it all is how I put it together. I am telling ya, don't leave anything sitting around with more than one page.

Tuesday, July 24, 2007

New Addiction

Well, I have gotten into board books since I got my new bind it all, nothing is safe from being put together. Any way, I am sharing a photo with you of what I have done. The one photo is of what the book looked like b/4 I started my adventure, and the other of course is what it looked like when it was done. I have done a few classes making books like this in my home, everyone seems to have a wonderful time making these. Work keeps taking me away from this post, I have been trying to get this uploaded all day, so I better do it now b/4 something happens to it. I'll try to do more later.

Trying this again

Well, I have had this blog spot for a year and a had, never done anything with it, so maybe I will try to get into the new century and play a bit. Here I can post pics of things I have done that might give others ideas. I can even share pics of my family and friends of magical moments, who knows. I have alot of blogs bookmarked that I check into every day, we'll see if I can keep up with everyone else.