Monday, December 10, 2007

Name book made with Cricut Design Studio

OK I finally got the trial of the Cricut Design Software downloaded, used my cable from my scanner and got it hooked up so I could try to cut something and see for myself if I could do it. Now I have the craft robo, so some would think why would I want to put out the expense of the cricut too, but it boils down to ease of use and t he cricut is so much easier to use. I also have 2 g'daughters that will be able to play with the baby bug and me not worry alot about things. Anyways, below is my name book I made last night with my Ebug, DS software and Plantation Schoolbook cartridge. This was just too much fun. Now I can't wait for my paid program to get here so I can use other cartridges too.

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Pieces of me said...

Very cute Sue. That bug sure come in handy!
Luv ya!