Sunday, November 22, 2009

Craft Fair

I participated in a craft fair on the 21st and it went very well, I had lots of misc card sets etc... that I had made over the last couple years and had put away, I LOVE to make the goodies but only need so much for myself, so I agreed 2 years ago to get into a craft fair right around Thanksgiving and so I did. Last year I did not sell much but some candy canes and maybe a couple things, well, this year made up for it, I sold almost everything I had there and ALOT of candy canes. I am showing a picture of the candy canes I had to sell, and I only came home with 10 of them. In 2 weeks, I will participate in another one and hope I do well t here too. I will also have some purses to sell at the next one!!.

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Pieces of me said...

AWESOME! I hope the next one is a total sell out for you.
Those candy canes are adorable.