Monday, September 22, 2008

Gifts for Hostess Club

These are gifts for my hostesses from the last stamp club. They are post it note holders, great to carry in yourpurse or even in the glove box of your car, never be without something to write a note on.  This is another Dawn project she shared. Thank You Dawn!!

When we end, in their last order I give them a present from me, usually something I make, and these ar what I came up with. This last club was only me and 3 other ladies, t hey wanted to go again and I didn't have any takers through the summer, so we were a group of 4, but a fun group it was.


Mary Haden said...

These are so adorable. Adding those little touches really will endear your customers to you.

They know what they order and getting that stuff is no big surprise, but there will always be excitement in opening the bag - just to see what you've included inside.

Mary Haden

Pieces of me said...

Fabulosity as always! Those are some lucky club members. Every day I find another reason to want to live in Cali. Ok yeah The Nikki factor comes into play too but mostly cause we are just to far apart!