Sunday, September 14, 2008

Another Stitching Card

OK, after doing the other, I went looking for a pattern both free and ones to buy. I found this knowing my grand daughter likes The Little Mermaid and her birthday is on Wednesday, so I chose to do this one. took me about 1 hour 15 min, so not bad at all, I could of spent 3 hours on a stamped card and this was fun. I luv stamping, but we all look for something different from time to time. I used the color chart for the DMC thread matching our cardstock and it worked out jsut great.

Thanx for visiting my blog.

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Laura Pertot said...

Hi Susan,
Your stitched cards are just fabulous! What a treasure for your granddaughter. I hope the mermaid makes her smile! Someday she will realize how much love you put into this card. Thanks for sharing!