Thursday, November 08, 2007

Star Card

Well, I know it has been awhile, been busy with classes for my planners as they make such great gifts, then life in general just got in the way, so now I am here posting a star card made from tag punches. I saw this star and thought I just have to know how to do it, so here are my cards I did with it.


Pieces of me said...

Awesome star so pretty! I think they would make a very nice ornament back to back. You should work on that Heee-hee!

Debby said...

Very pretty, you are really getting into these. I started one tonight. Not sure it will be finished tonight but, at least I have it started.
I have seen these done in red with a yellow center for a poinsettia too.

Suzeqscraps said...

very kewl idea, may have to try that as well.
Thanx for visiting me

cjshifty said... have done a lovely job as usual. I want to try this one