Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Fine tuned Planner

OK, I have not posted in awhile as I have been fine tuning my day planner. After making the first one, I realized that it could be a more productive planner so I have been making many of them and getting everything fine tuned. One of the things I did was to make pockets on all the pages, everyone needs a place to stuff receipts etc. Then I realized that as you get to the end of the year that a year at a glance calendar for 2009 would be great to have too, as well as starting off in 2008 and needing to look back at 2007 for something, so I incorporated those into the planner as well. Then at the back of the book, all planners have sections to write notes and addresses, so there are pages for those as well. Then what is better that having a paper clip to mark each month as it is current so you can jump to that month at an instant when opening it up. Thus you have my finished product that you see here.

One note: I still have to tie ribbon on the spine, so I will post a pic when that is completed.

Thanx for looking


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Pieces of me said...

This totally rocks. You should send it to the BIA ppl before someone else steals it!